Main Roles in the Application

Users can be
in one of the following roles:

Prier(the one who solicits) — the person or organization asking the question.

The Prier pays to receive the answer to their question.

The Prier is anyone who asks Linkers a question, or who needs to analyze information from linkers’ unique profiles for purposes of market research, opinion polling, or to understand the state of the market.

Linker (the one who links) — the person answering the question.

The Linker receives payment for answering the question. For every prier’s question there must be a large number of linkers.

The Linker is any real person who uses the ORIS mobile app to obtain rewards in Orgon for answering questions in coded or direct form. Linkers are also given the chance to analyze information from their unique profiles. This information is accumulated through the use of the app.

The answer

The answer is given in the form of the statistical distribution of answers.
Yes – 37%,
No – 63%.

When the event happens and the answer to the question becomes a reality, the prier indicates which answer was really chosen.

How to Ask

First of all, write down your question and choose the necessary and sufficient number and format of the answers from linkers, as well as mark the actuality date of the question. You will be the only one who sees this question.Then you need to create a connection between the questions you have written down with the graphic image generated by the application.
This connection is established when you choose one of the images provided by the system that is the most suitable to the question being asked according to your personal feelings

Quiet and comfortable place

To do this, ensure you find a quiet and comfortable place where you can focus on the issue. Pay attention to your breathing and make a few conscious, deep belly breathes and exhalations.

Transmition of the question image

Swipe the screen of your mobile device with your finger, and the pictures will start to change. Observe it. Stop as soon as you see a picture that you most closely associate with the essence of your question. While looking at the image, the image of the question, try once again to mentally enclose its content in the resulting graphics.

Getting the questions

After the completion of this process, that graphic interpretation of your question will be sent to the linkers.

How to Answer Questions

To start answering priers’ questions, find a comfortable space where nothing can distract you. Before starting the process try to tune in to the right wavelength.

To do this, you can turn on any music that will help you access your intuitive channels. Relax, calm down, and make a few conscious deep breaths.

Take the test

Take the test that will be offered. In 10 attempts you will need to guess behind which of the three black squares a green one is hidden. Go through it several times. When you are satisfied with the result, you can proceed to the answers.

Feel the answer

While carefully looking at the picture, a graph representation of the question, try to feel the correct answer to it. After the answer comes to you, click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen. Then move on to the next picture.

Answer only when you feel the inner intuitive impulse to do so. You can complete this process whenever you want.