Oris. Space. Futurists.

Futurists have always existed. They are those who leave the rest of us behind as they surge forward to harness the future, bringing it closer to us. They are the first to imagine a new reality and make it part of our everyday lives. This has happened with planes, the internet and smartphones, to name but a few.
These people are currently developing applications that will read our thoughts and help make our wishes become reality. One of them is called Oris. The team working on this project consists of psychologists, scientists, programmers and financiers, who live and work in Almaty. Kazakhstan. Using blockchain technology they are working on creating a new communication environment that works with our intuition.
The team is not trying to deny conscious, intelligent solutions or artificially improve the significance of the unconscious. They believe that success is hidden in the creation of harmony between these two fields. The unconscious and the conscious assist us in making decisions. We are not just on the verge of the discovery of a new technology that will transform the conscious and subconscious into vectors of cyberspace, we are already there thanks to the Oris app. By using this app you can ask a question and receive an answer, a prognosis and, if you like, a prediction.
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