Press Release

Press release
ORIS.SPACE results

Smart contracts have been fulfilled according to the pledged program.
In circulation there are 642 118 523,28 ORGON tokens, distributed according to the WhitePaper project.

The development of the ORIS.SPACE platform goes in 3 directions:

1. Improving ORIS mobile application:
  • New design;
  • Expansion of the Pharmacy*;
  • New tests.

2. Development of Global Intellect Community:
  • Rebranding;
  • Counter-control of operations;
  • Automated KYC process **.
"Pharmacy"* - the place where the means for relaxation and adjustment to intuition are collected. (Music, Sounds of Nature, etc.)
the KYC process** is the process of identifying personal data, during which the client must provide data that will confirm his identity.

3. Agreements are concluded and active work is carried out with scientific laboratories SigmaLabs Almaty (, Kazakhstan) and SigmaLabs Orlando (USA):
  • Within the framework of cooperation with laboratories, the mechanisms of artificial intelligence of the subsystem for filtering the answers of users of ORIS application are launched.
  • International scientists, professors of mathematics, sociology and neurobiology are involved in the project.
  • A scientific article was prepared on the project materials for presentations at the ICBB 2018 conference in Vancouver, Canada. (

During the active bounty campaign attracted more than 3,000 active users,
which formed an array of data, necessary and sufficient for the training of artificial intelligence systems by machine learning methods. At present, the number of users is constantly growing.

Works have begun, together with NETWORK MEDIA ( for the development of the game interface ORACULUS - Online quest with a fascinating plot, with the butterfly effect and a high level of replayability by including the player in the process of self-knowledge and development of intuition. Expected release date of the game in May 2019.

Proposals from 12 crypto-exchanges on inclusion of the ORGON token in the listing are received: FUBT, COINBAR.IT, Bitfinex, IDAX, LATOKEN, WorldEX, Binance, Exchain, ExchangeChain.COM, HitBTC,, FreedomEX, CoinPlace. Work on the release of tokens to the stock exchanges will begin in the autumn of 2018.

All of the above, allows us to state with confidence that the project is developing at the proper pace and direction.

We thank all the participants of the Global Intellect Community and BOUNTY program for their trust and support, and we are happy to note that the project is reaching a new level of its implementation.